A Well-Seasoned Collection

seasonal card collecting

Contributor: John McTaggart

Football is underway.

The seasons are changing up in my neck of the woods, with leaves on the trees preparing for their annual free-fall from the tips of the tallest trees to the ground below.

Soon, shorts and t-shirts will be replaced by jeans and sweatshirts as temps tumble and daylight grows more scarce every day.

For those of us who love the hobby, this may very well be the best time of the year.

Baseball’s pennant races are heating up to a fevered pitch.

Many of us are scrambling about now to gather up players who we feel may make a real run in the postseason, this see a bump in value.

Hockey is set to start its training camp, meaning guys such as myself are trying to beat the hype of the upcoming season and find some true values out there in the market on players we believe will make an impact in 2022-23.

And if that wasn’t enough, the NBA season gets underway in October, with training camps for these teams only weeks away. We’re making our lists, similar to the way hockey collectors are, snatching up as many rookies and numbered cards as possible before the market ticks upward once again.

Simply put — September and October are quite possibly the best two months in the hobby. Every major sport is active in one way or another, and regardless of your preference, there’s something out there for all of us.

For me, I’m actually departing from my usual collecting habits and taking a long hard look at hockey. 

I’ve always been a fan, and always been in the hobby, but this year, I’m making it a point of emphasis. 

Change is good, exciting and challenging. 

I’m truly learning as much as I can about the hockey market — way more of a deep dive than I’ve ever done in the past. 

And the further I dig in, the more I’m enjoying it. 

Of all the big-4 professional sports, I see hockey as the one with the most room for growth. 

Now, if you want to argue about that, I understand. 

Hockey is, by-and-large, a regional flavor, and certainly doesn’t have the mass appeal of football, baseball and for sure basketball.

That said, the hobby and its devotees are fierce group, loyal, dedicated and passionate about the hockey hobby. 

They’re knowledgeable, and more important, they’re willing to share this knowledge with anyone willing to listen. 

My suggestion, as the seasons change, and we, as collectors and investors, are in the thick of this time of the year where all the major sports are in play — I encourage you to step away from the norms and explore a new facet of the hobby.

Maybe it’ll be soccer for you, or UFC or even non-sports cards.

It’s easy to get too caught up in the numbers of the hobby, and way too easy to lose sight of the fun.

Trying something new, albeit sometimes a little scary, is fun and exhilarating at the same time. 

I think if you do this, not only will you become a more  well-rounded collector, but you’ll also be a happier one. 

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