Mr. October/November

Nolan Arenado

Contributor: John McTaggart

It’s not officially playoff time for Major League Baseball — I’m aware of that.

And for those of you who are purist and true rule sticklers, this article is a few weeks too early.

However, I was the kid who began counting down to Christmas back in early September, and I’m now the grown man who starts decorating for the holidays two days after Halloween.

So, please feel free to post your “too early,” comments in the appropriate space below this article, and I will read each one with care and reason.

Now that I have that disclosure out of the way, I move forward. 

The MLB playoffs are really, really, really near.

And really, really, really near is close enough for me to get excited about what is arguably my favorite time of year.

Up here in the Mitten State, the weather in October is chilly without being cold. The leaves are all turning and falling gently to the ground — and I can watch playoff baseball for what seems to be 24/7!

I love it.

So, let’s take a second here to take a quick look at a few players who might make some noise this post season, and, as a result, may make an impact (albeit brief, most likely) in the hobby.

We all know about superstars like Aaron Judge, Pete Alonso and Ronald Acuna —players who have been front-and-center most of the season and players who have a hobby right now that won’t really need much of a bolster come playoff time.

Sure, a World Series title won’t hurt the hobby of any of these guys, but in reality, these are no-brainers.

Today I want to discuss the Phillies Kyle Schwarber and Rhys Hoskins.

Today I want to shine a little light on the seemingly forgotten Franciso Lindor and Nolan Arenado.

And there are more players, too.

Kyle Tucker and Bo Bichette, along with Jose Ramirez and Josh Naylor.

Now, the names sound familiar to fans, but in the hobby, comparatively speaking, these guys are bargain prices.

A PSA 10 2014 Topps Jose Ramirez, for example, can be had for $65.

A 2013 Topps Update Nolan Arenado PSA 10 —around $95

A 2014 Bowman Chrome Rhys Hoskins PSA 10 goes for less than $20.

Now, I’m not telling you these are the cream-of-the-crop cards in the hobby, but, picking a few of these guys up right now, and waiting for the playoffs to start may not be a bad idea.

If one, or a few of these guys get hot, you’re going to see that jump in prices. 

Me, personally, I try to identify a few players each season and then put together a little stash of inventory, ready to unload it come October/November.

It’s quintessential flipping, I know, but if your hobby is also your hustle, then it’s what you have to do.

And, truthfully, it’s fun, too.

So my suggestion is to take a few minutes and do a little homework on the MLB right now, jot down a few names, then comb listing, search card shows and try and pick up a few of those players at bargain prices. 

It’s fun.

It’s a way to make a decent profit should one, or several, of these guys go crazy in the postseason.

And, worse case, scenario, you’ve got some inventory you can unload at the start of next season.

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