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Detroit Red Wings celebrate

Time to Give Hockey a Shot

Contributor: John McTaggart There’s a good chance many of you will stop reading as soon as I mention the word, “hockey.”  And I sort of understand since, let’s face it, it’s not the most mainstream game in the hobby. In … Read More

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Fernando Tatis steroids

Not So Fast: Steroids and Card Value

Contributor: John Dudley Unless you’ve been avoiding news from the sports world, you’ve already had a decent amount of time to process Fernando Tatis’s 80-game suspension for a positive steroid test. His once bright future is now riddled with question … Read More

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‘Tis a Gift

Contributor: John McTaggart I’m old. If you don’t believe me, check out the gray hairs (of the few that are actually left, that is), and for the hobby — I’m really old. I’ve been around for a lot of ups-and-downs, … Read More

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Alejandro Kirk heats up

2021: Year of the Catcher

Contributor: John Dudley Baseball catchers get a bum rap in the hobby, but the class of 2021 might change things. Some collectors adhere to the advice of staying away from catchers, and I get it. While not as popular as … Read More

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Juan Soto on the Padres

MLB Trade Bonanza!!!

Contributor: John Dudley Draft days, the opening of free agency, and trade deadlines are all major events in the seasonal cycle of sports, but the hullaballoo hits hardest in the hobby. MLB’s trade deadline came and went, but not before … Read More

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Tiger Woods Golf Cards

Fore!!! It’s Time for Golf.

Contributor: John McTaggart I spend an awful lot of time writing, researching, discussing and, admittedly, obsessing about sports cards.  Heck, it’s not a stretch to say that trading cards are my life (which is both super-cool and a somewhat sad … Read More

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adam bomb garbage pale kids

Hobby Regrets: I’ve Had a Few

Contributor: John McTaggart Several years ago, my wife had a garage sale. In my years of being married, I have learned a few things along the way. Among these things, is when my wife decides to have a garage sale … Read More

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Justin Jefferson catches a TD

NFC Hobby Preview

Contributor: John Dudley Last week I previewed some of the AFC’s top players to watch for in the hobby. This week it is the NFC’s turn. For each team, I’ve highlighted a player for each team that might see big … Read More

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Johnny Gaudreau

Oh, Johnny!

Contributor: John McTaggart The ice in NHL rinks around the league are still little more than giant puddles of water at this point. There are months between now and the opening night of the 2022-23 season, and much can happen … Read More

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Philip Rivers of the Chargers

NFL Preview: AFC Edition

Contributor: John Dudley School started this week for many here in Mississippi and the start of the school year means it is time to turn our thoughts to the gridiron. With preseason games starting on August 4th, it is not … Read More

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