Sports card art

Cards as Art?

I had intended to revisit the topic of cards and art sooner, but time makes fools of us all. The best-laid plans often go awry and mine sure did as I realize it has been almost three months since I … Read More

Panini Downtown Inserts

I’m Talkin’ Downtown (and Home Field Advantage)

Contributor: John Dudley Much like The Simpsons, I’m talking Downtown this week, Panini’s mega-popular Downtown insert set that is. For good measure, I’ll throw in Topps’ Homefield Advantage cards in the discussion as they are one of my absolute favorite … Read More

Luke Skywalker gets ready for Topps Star Wars Sapphire

Star Wars Sapphire! Plus the Top 5 Star Wars Sets Ever!

Star Wars Sapphire. Three small simple words powerful enough to set the hobby world on fire, as if millions of wallets suddenly cried out in terror. … Read More

Topps Saves Series 2 With Short Prints

Contributor: John Dudley The Card Shop Live App is the place for to be for breaking, auctions, and card news and content! Sign up here. Collectors raged and mocked Topps Series 2 when its initial checklist came out, but some … Read More

Investigation into Art and Sports Cards

Is it a Card or Art? How About Both?

Contributor: John Dudley Recent sales of Wander Franco’s Topps Project 100 (P100) card sparked renewed interest in art cards. Art cards are cards that are clearly designed and developed to function both as trading cards and as pieces of art. … Read More