Hockey Time!

Jack Hughes Hockey Cards

Contributor: John McTaggart

The NFL is winding down its regular season. 

Teams are shuffling, clawing and scratching for a spot in the postseason — it’s super exciting!

Heck, me, as a Detroit Lions fan, am more excited than I have been for decades! 

That said, the football hobby is ramping up as well.

So, I’m dedicating my space in this week’s edition to….

You guessed it — hockey!

More specifically — New Jersey Devils standout, Jack Hughes.

Now, full disclaimer — I absolutely love Jack Hughes.

I bought into the hype during his rookie campaign, overpaid for his Young Guns rookie for months when he was the top pick in the 2019 draft, and even kept buying them when he struggled mightily that season.

I’ve sent tons of them to PSA and SGC for grading, and still keep a keen eye out for them both online and at local shows. 

And Mr. Hughes is finally living up to the hype this season, leading the Devils in points with 44 points.

Is he leading the league in points?


Is he leading the league in goals?


But he’s incredibly balanced offensively (22 goals and 22 assists thus far) and getting better and better it appears. 

Remember too, he’s only 21 years old.

His 2019 Upper Deck #201 PSA 10, according to, sits at around $230 with raw copies hovering in the $60 range. 

Crazy when you think that same card was half that, or even less, not that long ago.

Believe it or not though, I still think Hughes offers good value at the current price. 

His team, which is in a great market, is on the rise.

His stock is on the rise.

And he’s one of a handful of players already labeled a star, based on the hype he came into the draft with back in 2019, and the fact he’s steadily improved. 

Will he ever be Connor McDavid-like in both performance and hobby love?


But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have value in the hobby.

If you’re a hockey fan, you already have noticed Hughes’ ascent, if you’re not, he’s a great guy to delve into the waters in the hockey hobby.

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