A First Time for Everything

Card Breaking

Contributor: John (Mr. Breaks) McTaggart

Well, I did it.

After years of fighting the urge, of denying the realities of today’s hobby world, I broke down and participated in an official break earlier this week.

You have to remember, I am old school when it comes to the hobby in some respects.

I embrace the technology, the social media aspect, and am very welcoming of a hobby that was once comprised of local card shows with the occasional regional one sprinkled in, to a global community of collectors with a wide array of likes and dislikes.

But, I’ve never understood the appeal of breaks, nor the breaker mentality.

In my opinion, they were the driving force behind the crazy increase in the prices of wax, and in turn singles. 

I viewed many as loud-mouthed, obnoxious and crude individuals who exploit whatever they can in order to turn their air time into a piece of entertainment. 

Sometimes this meant taking shots between boxes, parading half-naked women around on camera to entice someone to overpay for a team in their break, or speaking with such vulgarity that it even embarrassed me.

The hobby was built on family and community, and it pained me to see so many tearing that foundation to the ground simply to make a buck.

Unfortunately, after spending the week watching a lot of breaks across a wide array of platforms, I can see there are still plenty of idiots out there.

But, for the purposes of this article, I paid my own money to get a team in a break on the Card Shop Live App. 

Admittedly, I was skeptical when I hit the pay button, and felt a pit in my stomach before the “show” started.

I’m not going to say who the break was with, or what team I wound up with, but I will say this gentleman was civil, seemed very genuine and not one time did he act like a fool.

Now, I didn’t really get much to get too excited about, no one did really. 

The box wasn’t much to write home about, and that’s not anyone’s fault.

I will say though, I liked it more than I expected to, and I’m happy about that.

I was entertained for a while, engaged for the entire things, and I found a certain thrill in just being a part of it all.

I got involved in the chat some, which was neat to connect with people in the hobby I wouldn’t otherwise connect with. I also found myself rooting for others to get good cards, too, which was also refreshing and surprising at the same time.

I admit, too, that it’s more about the breaker themselves, than the product getting broke or the cards getting pulled. 

In fact, I’m planning on getting into another one tonight, trying my luck once again. 

And as strange as it sounds, I would love to try doing breaks one day.

It’s a great way to get involved in the hobby, and create revenue for your business.

All in all, I encourage those, who like me had no desire to be a part of it, to try it out. 

Just watch a break or two from this breaker before buying in to one. It’s important to enjoy the experience and the person doing the ripping is a huge part of all that.

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