Hockey Breaks

Breaking Hockey Cards

Contributor: John McTaggart

I’m going to be honest with all of you — I was never a really big hockey fan.

Sure, I followed the sport mildly, knowing most of the good players, the standings, and even watched some of the playoffs each year as a kid and into my early adult life.

Remember, I’m from Detroit… a.ka. Hockeytown.

It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy the sport, it’s more like I couldn’t relate to it.

I literally can’t skate a lick.

I liken my ice skating to a performance of a Hippopotamus on ice skates, bumbling, stumbling and crashing my way around the rink.

Plus, it kills my feet after about five minutes, and I’m old enough now where the prospect of free-falling onto a frozen surface, frankly, scares the crap out of me. 

Although, I should add, I always enjoyed floor hockey in gym class (I was normally the goalie due to the fact I was usually the biggest guy in the class), ice hockey was something I just couldn’t get on board with mainly because I didn’t play.

Unfair thought in my head

As a result, I think this fact permeated my thoughts over the years and helped to form a bias toward the game and hockey hobby, which I honestly feel is a sentiment rampant in the trading card community in general.

But Im here to tell all of you — give hockey a chance, and give the hockey hobby one as well.

Me, well, I’m addicted now to hockey breaks!

This from a guy who hated breaks up until a month or so ago.

Hockey breaks are affordable, for the most part, since the product itself is much cheaper than most other sports. They also offer a wide-array of really good cards spread across many teams, depending on the product and the year, meaning most everyone has a shot at a decent hit.

A new adventure! 

How much do I like it, you may ask.

I like it so much, in fact, that I have this strong desitre to start breaking it myself!


On air!

I know, crazy, right!?

But who’s going to watch it?

Maybe just my mom, I don’t know. Either way, life is too short not to give it a shot. 

Plus, one other thing about the hockey hobby is the fact the community is super-tight knit and dedicated.

I love that about it.

If you’re honest, fair, thoughtful and transparent — the hockey hobby community will embrace you.

They’ve done it with me in terms of dealing in singles, and I’m going to give it all I have when it comes to breaking hockey as well. 

Hopefully, that’ll translate in this awesome group embracing me and my business in breaks as well.

Time will tell.

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