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Contributor: John McTaggart

Contributor: John McTaggart

Every year, in every sport, there’s someone that rises to the top of the heap, comes out of nowhere and basks in the intense glow of the postseason.

In the NHL, during these Stanley Cup playoff run, this guy is clearly one of my favorite players, and I couldn’t be more happy about it.

It’s Florida Panthers standout, and former Calgary Flames member, Matthew Tkachuk. 

To say this guy has been on fire on the ice is an understatement. 

Tkachuk has led his Panthers to the Stanley Cup Finals, including scoring the game-winning, series-clinching goal late in the third period of game four against the Carolina Hurricanes May 24.

He’s second in scoring in the postseason with 24 point heading into game one of then finals, and third in both assists and goals. 

In short, he’s been the standout player of the 2023 Stanley Cup playoffs — and he’s not done.

For folks such as myself, folks who follow the Calgary Flames, Tkachuk’s success and new-found stardom is nothing new. 

We knew he could play, it’s just Calgary isn’t always the best place to get the kind of attention needed to really shine — neither is Florida for that matter, but the team has been dazzling thus far.

In the hobby, the love fest for Tkackuk is mirroring reality.

His 2016-17 Upper Deck Young Guns #231 in a PSA 10 has risen from $129 in February of 2023 to over $250 as of publication, and the trend appears to show no signs of stopping. 

And believe it or not, despite the meteoric rise of Tkachuk hobby, this may not be the worst time to get in.

He’s an elite player who’s had a career in places that do not foster elite players, and I say this as a Flames fan. 

So what does all this mean?

It means I’ll be adding to my Tkachuk collection all off season long.

And.more important, I’l be enjoying the rest of the world finally recognizing just how good this guy is in the NHL.

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