Pet Peeves


Contributor: John McTaggart

I’m gonna keep this one brief people. 


Well, because I am typing this column on my phone and it’s a challenge.

Earlier this week my apple turned into a cr-apple, and a new machine is incoming. 

So, we will make the best of it. 

I’ve been in the game for a good while now, and I am, as a general rule, very blessed till this every day!

However, there is one thing that drives me absolutely up a wall about the hobby… comps!

I’ve been keeping track the last week of how many DMs, e-mails, and eBay messages contained he word “comp.” 

Take a guess…

Keep in mind, the total number of messages, etc was just a shade under 75… 

Well, if you guessed 64 times, you’d be right! 


Knowing a cards value based on the last sale or two is wonderful… It is.

That said, taking that figure as gospel makes me insane. 

There are so many other factors that go into a price. 

It is not all about the last price it sold for on eBay.

So, I’m not just going to ramble on about this pet peeve of mine within the hobby. 

Instead, I’m going to toss this topic out into the universe. 

What is your hobby pet peeve? 

Drop it down in the comments and we’ll discuss next week.

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