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Connor Bedard MVP

Contributor: John McTaggart

Football season is literally days away, which is exactly why I’m going to dedicate my time this week to talking about hockey.

There are so many articles, videos and content centered around football and the football hobby right now that I really don’t think I could say anything that hasn’t already been said or written about. 

So, we’re moving on to hockey and taking a look at a product that is normally reserved for the newest of newbies in the hockey hobby — MVP.

In year’s past, most serious hockey hobby enthusiasts have turned their nose up at this Upper Deck offering, which usually kicks off the newest launches of the season.

This year, however, there is a ramped-up demand for MVP.


Well, it’s simple — the first Connor Bedard redemptions are somewhere inside this product.

And when they’ve been found, it’s been a frenzy for collectors with a FOMO mentality. 

Initially, these redemptions were flirting with the $1,000 mark on various selling platforms. 

That surge, however, has simmered some and now these coveted pieces of cardboard have cooled some to around $500 a piece. 

Either way, this is an incredible amount for an MVP insert, especially when you consider the box is roughly $60 retail. 

“I’m taking a chance,” one customer said at my local LCS. “I’ve paid way more for a box without a Bedard chance.” 

It seems to be a universal sentiment amongst the hobby — why not?

And as a result, MVP is flying off the shelves. 

Breakers are rising cases on streams, and the hockey hobby is enamored with the chase. 

Did I buy some? 


I bought a case and ripped it during Hockey Card Heroes breaks on Card Shop Live.

People loved it, although we didn’t actually pull the redemption.

Nonetheless, it’s a fun rip, with lots of shiny and colorful cards. 

So what does all this mean?

Well, it means when a product with actual teeth comes out, such as flagship, SPA and others, the hobby is going to lose its collective mind — and this is a good thing. 

It will undoubtedly bring fringe hockey people into the fold. 

It will most certainly attract those from other sports towards hockey.

It wil most assuredly raise the profile of the hockey hobby across the board.

All of these are positives, and all of these things are very welcomed by those of us who have loved it, been immersed it, and had a passion for it for so long. 

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