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Tkachuk cards


Contributor: John McTaggart Contributor: John McTaggart Every year, in every sport, there’s someone that rises to the top of the heap, comes out of nowhere and basks in the intense glow of the postseason. In the NHL, during these Stanley … Read More

Bowman Prospects

Three Up, Three Down: Bowman Prospects

Contributor: John Dudley 2023 Bowman is a hit and Bowman Sapphire recently ushered in a new era of Dutch auctions for Topps. With Bowman on the brain, I decided it’d be a good time to check in on the minors … Read More

card collecting


Contributor: John McTaggart Collecting cards can be a very complex thing. In fact, all of us who love the hobby are inundated with facts, stats, tidbits of information and opinions on a daily basis. Heck, on an hourly basis we … Read More

Wembanyama cards

Wembanyama Time

Contributor: John Dudley With the Spurs winning a much-hyped lottery yet again, they get to select the most talked about young player in the last few years with Victor Wembanyama. Undoubtedly, he will be the next big thing and the … Read More


Contributor: John McTaggart It’s been a while since I started writing for this little newsletter. I have literally loved every minute of it, and appreciate every single one of you who have opened, read, subscribed and taken time out of … Read More

Disney Lorcana

Lorcana: Disney’s New Game

Contributor: John Dudley If you hang out in card groups online, or listen to award-winning podcasts, you’ve probably heard the word Lorcana being bandied about. Even if you haven’t, you’ve probably heard it discussed as the Disney Trading Card Game. … Read More



Contributor: John McTaggart My friend, Brian, recently received a letter from an attorney about a decent-sized box that now belonged to him.  There were instructions included on what he needed to do in order to claim this decent-sized box, as … Read More

Topps Heritage

May Hobby Previews

Contributor: John Dudley May is already here and that means it is time to see what this month has in store for us hobbyists. It’s not the biggest of months, but there are some exciting products, especially if you like … Read More

Tales of CSL Live

Contributor: John McTaggart If you paid attention to my last installment in the Nonsense Newsletter, then you are very aware that I have shifted the focus of my business from general sports cards to pretty much hockey exclusively. It’s a … Read More

2023 QB Kenny Pickett

Looking for the Next Hobby QB1

Contributor: John Dudley It’s time to start thinking about the NFL. The draft is coming up and we’ve just had a blockbuster trade. I’ll definitely wax poetic about the hobby future of the 2023 draftees, but for now, I am … Read More