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Why collect cards


Contributor: John McTaggart There are a lot of reasons why we collect trading cards, aren’t there? Some of us do it for the entrepreneurial spirit of the hobby, the rush that comes with paying X-dollars for a card, then selling … Read More

graded cards vs. raw

Graded or Not?

Contributor: John Dudley To grade or not to grade? That is usually the question. The more interesting one to me though is whether to buy graded or to buy ungraded. The former question pops up on a daily basis on … Read More



Contributor: John McTaggart I open a lot of hockey cards. I break them myself on my stream, or I get involved in breaks in other streamer’s rooms. Nonetheless, it’s pretty much what I do now, most every night at some … Read More

NFL Overreation

NFL Overreactions

Contributor: John Dudley Week 1 is in the book. That means it is time for collectors to panic and overreact. Let’s check in with the market and evaluate if collectors are underreacting, overreacting, or if they’ve got things figured out. … Read More

Favorite sports card

The Card

Contributor: John McTaggart I’ve been so very blessed by this hobby for the vast majority of my life, and for that I am so grateful. I’ve met some amazing folks, held some amazing cards in my hands, and even have … Read More

Patrick mahomes rival

Finding a Rival for Mahomes

Contributor: John Dudley Football has a clear top dog both in the game and in the hobby with Patrick Mahomes. That said, I’d argue that it is better for the hobby when it is less clear who is on top. … Read More

upcoming baseball sets

A Bounty of Baseball

Contributor: John Dudley Normally this is the week where I preview the upcoming month’s releases. I started writing that and realized the bulk of what I’m excited about in the months ahead are baseball products. A large part of that … Read More

Hockey Offseason


Contributor: John McTaggart For a guy like me, August is the slowest time of the year. Sure, baseball pennant races are heating up. Football is literally days away from kickoff, but you have to remember — hockey is sort of … Read More

Connor Bedard MVP

Bedard : Hobby MVP

Contributor: John McTaggart Football season is literally days away, which is exactly why I’m going to dedicate my time this week to talking about hockey. There are so many articles, videos and content centered around football and the football hobby … Read More

2023 rookie cards

Rated Rookies

Contributor: John Dudley The 2023 MLB rookie class is great. Collectors get that by now. The best thing about it is how deep the class is. I started listing hitters whose cards I don’t mind pulling and came up with … Read More