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Sports cards outlook

State of the Card World

Contributor: John Dudley Joe Biden recently gave the State of the Union address as part of his duties. While this column will never delve into politics, it did get me wondering about the state of the card world. You know … Read More

Breaking Hockey Cards

Hockey Breaks

Contributor: John McTaggart I’m going to be honest with all of you — I was never a really big hockey fan. Sure, I followed the sport mildly, knowing most of the good players, the standings, and even watched some of … Read More

Jalen Hurts card value

Legacy on the Line

Contributor: John Dudley While baseball players can become the epicenter of the hobby world through stats alone, basketball and football players need postseason success to sustain hobby relevance. It seems a bit unfair for one game in a player’s career … Read More

John Talks About Sports Cards

John Talks About Sports Cards

Contributor: John McTaggart I’m getting my own show on the Card Shop Live app. I am way excited about this, to be honest with you, and not because I enjoy seeing myself on the screen. My boss, Tamara, who is … Read More

2022 Topps Design

Who Wore It Best? 2022 Topps Design

Contributor: John Dudley The 2023 Topps Design gets posted and discussed every few weeks on social media platforms. While the early reviews for 2023 are mixed, I’d argue that level of attention is warranted as the base Topps design sticks … Read More

Upper Deck Ken Griffey and the history of Upper Deck

Upper Deck Hits the Nostalgia Sweet Spot

Contributor: John McTaggart I’m going to start today by saying this article may generally be about Upper Deck, and most everyone new to the hobby knows Upper Deck for hockey (and some non-sports stuff), but generally the NHL is the … Read More

NBA Cards Best Future

A Look at the NBA Future

Contributor: John Dudley People always talk about buying low during the NBA season and then selling when players make big gains in the playoffs. Last year I tracked the prices of NBA players during the postseason and found that almost … Read More

Starting a sports card business.

Midlife Crisis

Contributor: John McTaggart I don’t consider myself old, yet I am keenly aware, based mainly on the sore ankle, bum hip and tricky back I deal with almost daily, that I am not as young as I once was either.  … Read More

Football Card Bargains

Alternative Assets

Contributor: John Dudley The NFL Playoffs are off to a great start and that’s got fans excited. While it is tempting to go out and buy cards of the players putting up big postseason numbers, buying at the peak of … Read More

Card Breaking

A First Time for Everything

Contributor: John (Mr. Breaks) McTaggart Well, I did it. After years of fighting the urge, of denying the realities of today’s hobby world, I broke down and participated in an official break earlier this week. You have to remember, I … Read More