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Matt Olson Cards

Is Matt Olson Undervalued?

Why are Matt Olson cards so cheap? I’ve seen several variations of that question online in the past few weeks and while I had some answers ready, I realized quickly the question deserved a deeper investigation. So, that’s what I’m … Read More


Pet Peeves

Contributor: John McTaggart I’m gonna keep this one brief people.  Why?  Well, because I am typing this column on my phone and it’s a challenge. Earlier this week my apple turned into a cr-apple, and a new machine is incoming.  … Read More



Contributor: John McTaggart Collecting cards can be a very complex thing. In fact, all of us who love the hobby are inundated with facts, stats, tidbits of information and opinions on a daily basis. Heck, on an hourly basis we … Read More

Spencer strider cards

Are Pitchers Worthless?

Contributor: John Dudley Don’t buy pitchers. That is the mantra of many collectors and there is some truth to it. I’ve always been a bit of a contrarian and so naturally have a nice collection of modern pitchers.  It helps … Read More

Federov Young Guns

One Card

Contributor: John McTaggart As most of you know by now, at least if you’re a regular reader of this newsletter, I am a hockey guy.  Now, I have never actually played a second of an organized hockey game. In fact, … Read More

quarterback sleeper Clayton Tune

QB Sleepers

Contributor: John Dudley Football is coming. It’s hard to believe when the weather is consistently over 100 degrees, but soon it will be time to spend countless weekends (and weekdays too if you’re being honest) watching some good ol’ football. … Read More

August Football

August Hobby Preview: Football TIme!

Contributor: John Dudley August. Blech. It seems like If you are on the planet, pretty much you are hot right now. Hopefully, the card releases for the month will be equally as en fuego to give you another reason to … Read More

Wembanyama Cards

A Little More Conversation…

Contributor: John McTaggart I’ve penned nearly 100 of these columns for this newsletter over the past couple of years, and for the most part, I think I’ve held my own in terms of writing about something that is semi-interesting. I’ve … Read More

card grading

To Grade…

Contributor: John McTaggart Back in the day, when I first tinkered with this hobby, there was no such thing as a graded card. There was no PSA 10s or SGC Gold labels or BGS Black labels for that matter either.  … Read More

Juan Soto Auto Rookie

Three Up, Three Down: Midseason Heroes

Contributor: John Dudley The All-Star Break is done which means things are serious from here on out in the MLB world. Mid-season breaks are great times to evaluate players and one’s collecting goals. Think of the All-Star Game as a … Read More