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NBA Cards Best Future

A Look at the NBA Future

Contributor: John Dudley People always talk about buying low during the NBA season and then selling when players make big gains in the playoffs. Last year I tracked the prices of NBA players during the postseason and found that almost … Read More

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Starting a sports card business.

Midlife Crisis

Contributor: John McTaggart I don’t consider myself old, yet I am keenly aware, based mainly on the sore ankle, bum hip and tricky back I deal with almost daily, that I am not as young as I once was either.  … Read More

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Football Card Bargains

Alternative Assets

Contributor: John Dudley The NFL Playoffs are off to a great start and that’s got fans excited. While it is tempting to go out and buy cards of the players putting up big postseason numbers, buying at the peak of … Read More

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Card Breaking

A First Time for Everything

Contributor: John (Mr. Breaks) McTaggart Well, I did it. After years of fighting the urge, of denying the realities of today’s hobby world, I broke down and participated in an official break earlier this week. You have to remember, I … Read More

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After-Market Autos

After-Market Autos: An Interview with Super-Collector Brian Rice

Contributor: John Dudley Autographs have been popular since at least the 1830s, so it comes as no surprise that they are a large part of the sports card world. Over the past couple of years, I’ve been surprised to see … Read More

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Sports Card Business

It’s a Tough Business

Contributor: John McTaggart I’ve been in this hobby, in one way, shape or form, for almost four decades. I’ve almost exclusively been in the business side of the hobby, rarely delving into the collector side much at all.  Now, there … Read More

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2023 sports cards


Contributor: John Dudley 2022 took a financial toll on most everyone’s collections, but still brought a lot of highlights as readers of the newsletter saw last week. While waxing poetic about the past is fun, it is often better to … Read More

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Jack Hughes Hockey Cards

Hockey Time!

Contributor: John McTaggart The NFL is winding down its regular season.  Teams are shuffling, clawing and scratching for a spot in the postseason — it’s super exciting! Heck, me, as a Detroit Lions fan, am more excited than I have … Read More

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Best Cards of 2022

Best of 2022!

Contributor John Dudley We made it another year around the sun! That means it is time for some good old-fashioned, end-of-the-year navel-gazing with the first-ever newsletter Best of the Year Awards! While there aren’t any shiny trophies yet, I’m sure … Read More

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Holiday Sports cards

Holiday for the Win

Contributor: John Dudley I love the Christmas season. I especially love when the Christmas spirit invades products I like because I am an absolute sucker for holiday-themed items and will buy any snack food with the words ‘Christmas’ or ‘Holiday’ … Read More

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