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Cade Cunningham's injury and basketball cards


Contributor: John McTaggart It’s raining here in the Motor City this morning, which is fitting wondering the news all of Detroit Pistons fans got this week — Cade Cunningham is going to have surgery on his shin and miss the … Read More

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Bargain hunting baseball cards

MLB Bargain Hunting

Contributor: John Dudley The World Series is long over, and the Hot Stove League is piping hot with a slew of massive signings. Baseball is bursting back into the public consciousness. Even so, for another couple of months or so, … Read More

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Hockey Cards

Hockey’s New Gem

Contributor: John McTaggart It’s been a minute since I sat down and waxed poetic about hockey. Truthfully, it’s not the most exciting time of the season, I’ll admit that. We’re roughly one-quarter of the way through the campaign, with some … Read More

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Pulisic header

Soccer Takes Flight!

Contributor: John Dudley Every four years, writers dust off their think pieces about if this is the year Americans finally embrace soccer. I’d argue we already have to some degree, but the articles keep coming and they haven’t changed much … Read More

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Baseball card estate sale

Estate Sale

Contributor: John McTaggart Many years ago, my wife had one of her many garage sales. Folks from all over the neighborhood converged on our house, rummaged through stuff scattered about numerous tables and selected things they apparently thought might be … Read More

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Black Friday sports cards

Black Friday Guide

Let’s face it. Collectors are finicky. That makes them tough to buy presents for. While it’s great to take a pause to be thankful, now that you are well into your turkey-induced food coma many of you will engage in … Read More

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Anthony Edwards Undervalued

NBA Slow Starters

Contributor: John Dudley Slow starts in the NBA are frustrating, but a bad beginning can also lead to some of the best buying opportunities of the year. The NBA market is fickle with even established legends like LeBron James and … Read More

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Thanksgiving sports cards


Contributor: John McTaggart With the holiday season nearly upon us, I can’t help but to look back and reflect on what I am thankful for within the hobby. Now, please keep in mind, I do not want to turn this … Read More

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Sports card improvements

Room for Improvement

Contributor: John Dudley This is not a list of gripes or grievances. Rather, these are changes and tweaks that could be added that would improve my enjoyment of the hobby. Some of these are major changes that have little chance … Read More

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Start a card collection with $500

Starting Off: Building a Collection with $500

Contributor: John McTaggart I had a conversation with a colleague last weekend that got the gears turning inside my head. He is not a collector, nor involved in the hobby in any way, shape or form. He’s a huge sports … Read More

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