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Hockey Cards

All Hockey, All the Time

Contributor: John McTaggart How do I begin? Where do I start? I made a decision the other day to cash out my entire collection of all sports except one — hockey. It was actually an easy decision for me, and … Read More

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Arraez fast start baseball card

Three Up, Three Down

Contributor: John Dudley The baseball season is going strong and that means it is time to check in to see whose cards are moving up, or sadly, down in price. The season is long, but collectors always react strongest to … Read More

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Hockey Playoffs

Hockey Playoffs

Contributor: John McTaggart Contributor: John McTaggart I have an idea. Let’s talk about the NHL playoffs. Great. Glad you agree. I can imagine these six words — “let’s talk about the hockey playoffs” — could turn a few folks away … Read More

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NBA Playoffs and Card Prices

NBA Postseason Tracker

Contributor: John Dudley It’s NBA Playoffs time which means it is time for all those lovely basketball cards you picked up in the offseason to skyrocket in price. Well, at least that’s the hope. The common narrative is that collectors … Read More

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young guns gem rate

Gem Rate

Contributor: John McTaggart Today, ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to drop some knowledge on all ya all! You probably think I’m just another pretty face in the hobby, which is true (Not), but I am actually somewhat educated and less-so … Read More

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April Card Preview

April Product Preview

Contributor: John Dudley April may be the cruelest month, but it is a decent one for card collectors. It’s not the busiest month but there are some standout products and most importantly, something for everyone. All the major sports and … Read More

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Opening Day Baseball

Opening Day

Contributor: John McTaggart It’s Opening Day. And note that I capitalize the “O” and the “D,” in the term. Why? Well, because it’s worthy of capitalization. Although Opening Day is not a federally recognized holiday, complete with a halt of … Read More

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Cade Cunningham and Paolo Banchero Cards

Rookies vs. Sophomores: The Collector’s Dilemma

Contributor: John Dudley Figuring out whether the 2021 or 2022 draft class is better in the NBA has never been more important. It’s always important to have a good grasp on the new crop of NBA stars, but that knowledge … Read More

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Card Breaking

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Breaking

Contributor: John McTaggart For a very long time, I was in the “breakers are ruining the hobby,” camp.  And that was mostly because I am old. Way back when, when I first began this gig, back in the late 1980s, … Read More

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MLB East Hobby Preview

MLB Eastern Divisions Hobby Preview

Contributor: John Dudley With the amazing 2022 baseball season, the WBC, a stupendous crop of under-25 talent, and thebaseball card market performing well, I haven’t been this excited for a season since I was still a kid. Thisweek, it is … Read More

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