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A Bounty of Baseball

Contributor: John Dudley Normally this is the week where I preview the upcoming month’s releases. I started writing that and realized the bulk of what I’m excited about in the months ahead are baseball products. A large part of that … Read More

2023 rookie cards

Rated Rookies

Contributor: John Dudley The 2023 MLB rookie class is great. Collectors get that by now. The best thing about it is how deep the class is. I started listing hitters whose cards I don’t mind pulling and came up with … Read More

Matt Olson Cards

Is Matt Olson Undervalued?

Why are Matt Olson cards so cheap? I’ve seen several variations of that question online in the past few weeks and while I had some answers ready, I realized quickly the question deserved a deeper investigation. So, that’s what I’m … Read More

Spencer strider cards

Are Pitchers Worthless?

Contributor: John Dudley Don’t buy pitchers. That is the mantra of many collectors and there is some truth to it. I’ve always been a bit of a contrarian and so naturally have a nice collection of modern pitchers.  It helps … Read More

Juan Soto Auto Rookie

Three Up, Three Down: Midseason Heroes

Contributor: John Dudley The All-Star Break is done which means things are serious from here on out in the MLB world. Mid-season breaks are great times to evaluate players and one’s collecting goals. Think of the All-Star Game as a … Read More

All star baseball cards

All Star Impact

Contributor: John Dudley The MLB All-Star Game is no longer must-see tv, but it is still an excellent marker on the holiday calendar. The arrival of the Midsummer Classic means it is time for the NFL and NBA to start … Read More

topps 206

Topps 206

Contributor: John Dudley Today marks the release of one of the hobby’s smaller products, but one that has inspired a small, but passionate following. Topps 206 is the latest iteration using the vaunted 206 design. For many, the Honus Wagner … Read More

Topps Bunt

Topps Bunt

Contributor: John Dudley NFTs were the wave of the future. The initial wave was short-lived, but while there may still be a future for NFTs in the hobby, there is a digital product that is still going strong that doesn’t … Read More

junior caminero bowman sapphire

Breaking Economics

Contributor: John Dudley 2023 Bowman Sapphire was the first product Topps released using a Dutch Auction. That process was fascinating, but it also revealed that buyers were using different economic factors other than the previous year’s sales and the value … Read More

Bowman Prospects

Three Up, Three Down: Bowman Prospects

Contributor: John Dudley 2023 Bowman is a hit and Bowman Sapphire recently ushered in a new era of Dutch auctions for Topps. With Bowman on the brain, I decided it’d be a good time to check in on the minors … Read More