junior caminero bowman sapphire

Breaking Economics

Contributor: John Dudley 2023 Bowman Sapphire was the first product Topps released using a Dutch Auction. That process was fascinating, but it also revealed that buyers were using different economic factors other than the previous year’s sales and the value … Read More

Tales of CSL Live

Contributor: John McTaggart If you paid attention to my last installment in the Nonsense Newsletter, then you are very aware that I have shifted the focus of my business from general sports cards to pretty much hockey exclusively. It’s a … Read More

Card Breaking

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Breaking

Contributor: John McTaggart For a very long time, I was in the “breakers are ruining the hobby,” camp.  And that was mostly because I am old. Way back when, when I first began this gig, back in the late 1980s, … Read More

Card Breaking

A First Time for Everything

Contributor: John (Mr. Breaks) McTaggart Well, I did it. After years of fighting the urge, of denying the realities of today’s hobby world, I broke down and participated in an official break earlier this week. You have to remember, I … Read More