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Contributor: John McTaggart I open a lot of hockey cards. I break them myself on my stream, or I get involved in breaks in other streamer’s rooms. Nonetheless, it’s pretty much what I do now, most every night at some … Read More

Hockey Offseason


Contributor: John McTaggart For a guy like me, August is the slowest time of the year. Sure, baseball pennant races are heating up. Football is literally days away from kickoff, but you have to remember — hockey is sort of … Read More

Connor Bedard MVP

Bedard : Hobby MVP

Contributor: John McTaggart Football season is literally days away, which is exactly why I’m going to dedicate my time this week to talking about hockey. There are so many articles, videos and content centered around football and the football hobby … Read More

Hockey Cards

Hockey Time!

Contributor: John McTaggart Contributor: John McTaggart I’ve spent many words and many column inches in this newsletter talking about hockey cards and the hockey hobby. Now, the very notion of this may turn off most of you, but be honest … Read More

Bedard Hockey Card

Bedard-Mania: Get Ready

Contributor: John McTaggart Contributor: John McTaggart I had a column already in the books for this week, then decided to switch it all up after getting caught up in the NHL Draft last night. I’ve always been an advocate of … Read More

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Contributor: John McTaggart Contributor: John McTaggart Every year, in every sport, there’s someone that rises to the top of the heap, comes out of nowhere and basks in the intense glow of the postseason. In the NHL, during these Stanley … Read More

Hockey Cards

All Hockey, All the Time

Contributor: John McTaggart How do I begin? Where do I start? I made a decision the other day to cash out my entire collection of all sports except one — hockey. It was actually an easy decision for me, and … Read More

Hockey Playoffs

Hockey Playoffs

Contributor: John McTaggart Contributor: John McTaggart I have an idea. Let’s talk about the NHL playoffs. Great. Glad you agree. I can imagine these six words — “let’s talk about the hockey playoffs” — could turn a few folks away … Read More

young guns gem rate

Gem Rate

Contributor: John McTaggart Today, ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to drop some knowledge on all ya all! You probably think I’m just another pretty face in the hobby, which is true (Not), but I am actually somewhat educated and less-so … Read More

Young Guns Gem Rate


Contributor: John McTaggart In this week’s edition of the SCN Newsletter I’m actually going to talk about something that doesn’t necessarily fall into character for me. I actually plan to discuss a topic that is based on facts, statistics and … Read More