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Young Guns Gem Rate


Contributor: John McTaggart In this week’s edition of the SCN Newsletter I’m actually going to talk about something that doesn’t necessarily fall into character for me. I actually plan to discuss a topic that is based on facts, statistics and … Read More

hockey cards

Hockey Time

Contributor: John McTaggart For a very long time now I’ve dedicated much of this space to professing my love for the sport of hockey, and more specifically, the hockey hobby. I’ve used all kinds of examples as to why many … Read More

Breaking Hockey Cards

Hockey Breaks

Contributor: John McTaggart I’m going to be honest with all of you — I was never a really big hockey fan. Sure, I followed the sport mildly, knowing most of the good players, the standings, and even watched some of … Read More

Jack Hughes Hockey Cards

Hockey Time!

Contributor: John McTaggart The NFL is winding down its regular season.  Teams are shuffling, clawing and scratching for a spot in the postseason — it’s super exciting! Heck, me, as a Detroit Lions fan, am more excited than I have … Read More

Hockey Cards

Hockey’s New Gem

Contributor: John McTaggart It’s been a minute since I sat down and waxed poetic about hockey. Truthfully, it’s not the most exciting time of the season, I’ll admit that. We’re roughly one-quarter of the way through the campaign, with some … Read More

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A Well-Seasoned Collection

Contributor: John McTaggart Football is underway. The seasons are changing up in my neck of the woods, with leaves on the trees preparing for their annual free-fall from the tips of the tallest trees to the ground below. Soon, shorts … Read More

Detroit Red Wings celebrate

Time to Give Hockey a Shot

Contributor: John McTaggart There’s a good chance many of you will stop reading as soon as I mention the word, “hockey.”  And I sort of understand since, let’s face it, it’s not the most mainstream game in the hobby. In … Read More

2022 NHL Draft

NHL Draft Instant Reaction

Contributor: John McTaggart Let’s face it — drafts are fun. And for hockey lovers such as myself, the NHL draft is exceptionally exciting. It’s early Friday morning and I, like many others, was up late last night watching the first … Read More