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Contributor: John McTaggart Collecting cards can be a very complex thing. In fact, all of us who love the hobby are inundated with facts, stats, tidbits of information and opinions on a daily basis. Heck, on an hourly basis we … Read More


Contributor: John McTaggart It’s been a while since I started writing for this little newsletter. I have literally loved every minute of it, and appreciate every single one of you who have opened, read, subscribed and taken time out of … Read More



Contributor: John McTaggart My friend, Brian, recently received a letter from an attorney about a decent-sized box that now belonged to him.  There were instructions included on what he needed to do in order to claim this decent-sized box, as … Read More

Topps Heritage

May Hobby Previews

Contributor: John Dudley May is already here and that means it is time to see what this month has in store for us hobbyists. It’s not the biggest of months, but there are some exciting products, especially if you like … Read More

April Card Preview

April Product Preview

Contributor: John Dudley April may be the cruelest month, but it is a decent one for card collectors. It’s not the busiest month but there are some standout products and most importantly, something for everyone. All the major sports and … Read More

March Sports Cards

March Preview

Contributor: John Dudley It’s a good idea to get your ducks in a row to start a new month. One way to do this is to have a good handle on what sports card products are coming out soon. So, … Read More

YouTube Big Card Spenders

Stop Telling Me How Much You Spent at the Card Show!

Contributor: John McTaggart There are few things in life I enjoy more than a local card show. A small hall lined with a few rows of 8-foot tables, each one holding little cardboard treasures, hobby stories and a sense of … Read More

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State of the Card World

Contributor: John Dudley Joe Biden recently gave the State of the Union address as part of his duties. While this column will never delve into politics, it did get me wondering about the state of the card world. You know … Read More

John Talks About Sports Cards

John Talks About Sports Cards

Contributor: John McTaggart I’m getting my own show on the Card Shop Live app. I am way excited about this, to be honest with you, and not because I enjoy seeing myself on the screen. My boss, Tamara, who is … Read More

Upper Deck Ken Griffey and the history of Upper Deck

Upper Deck Hits the Nostalgia Sweet Spot

Contributor: John McTaggart I’m going to start today by saying this article may generally be about Upper Deck, and most everyone new to the hobby knows Upper Deck for hockey (and some non-sports stuff), but generally the NHL is the … Read More